SAP APO Tables of GATP

Understanding SAP APO GATP Tables data

APO has unique identifier for material / plant(location)/ product allocation/ material& loc combination PEGID  known as GUID. GUID is is an acronym for ‘Globally Unique Identifier, GUID is also known as UUID A universally unique identifier (UUID) is a 128-bit number used to identify information in computer systems.


Important Tables

/SAPAPO/V_MATLOC – Input product (material) and location(plant) it will give you material and location guid.

/SAPAPO/PEGKEY Planning object (material/location/account assignment). Input material guid and location guid to get pegid of material &location. PEGID is useful to get information about ATP of a material.

/SAPAPO/POSMAPN Order Items Mapping Table.Input sales order / purchase order and line item to to get POSGUID or POSID. Pretty useful to to get information about allocation of a sales order , delivery status of a line item, BOP status of sales order line item.

/SAPAPO/OBREF : Object Reference Table. input POSID of a sales order / STO line item in the field POSFR and it will give you delivery POSID.

 /SAPAPO/SRVFCSL : CIF SL DOC Inbound Schedule Line Level.  Input sales order in DOC_NUMBER  and item number or POSID of delivery in the field ATPFIELD_POSGUID  to know the status of delivery is PGIed or not. If field if FLAG_REC_DELE = D then the delivery is PGIED and REQ_QTY is the PGIed qty.

/SAPAPO/SDQTVB: SD Order: Product Allocation Assignment.  Input POSID of sales order in the field POSID to know the allocation consumption ( field MENGE ) of a sales order item.




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