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BOP short dump due to large values in Product Allocation Planning Book

There are instances when companies use Product Allocation for sales order confirmation. If the Values of the Key figures in the Allocation Planning Book in any cell on Aggregate level exceeds more than 11 digits then during the BOP it goes into Dump. In order to check if there is a negative value in the key figure or the Value is larger than 11 digits, a very useful report is provide by SAP.

Execute T-Code : SE38

Enter Report /SAPAPO/TS_LCM_QUERY and execute

There will be three options only one can be selected at a time

  1. Fixed Values (this is to find out if the cell has fixed value)
  2. Negative Values (This is to find out if any cell has a negative Value) If this option is executed then it will display all the CVC’s and the Bucket where the Value is Negative, User can then go into the Allocation Book and Adjust the Values in the Cell.
  3. Value Greater Than X (Any Value can be entered here to see the Values in the Cell, Usually any value greater than 11 digits can be checked and can be corrected.


Important reports for SAP APO CIF

Important reports for CIF

  • Report RAPOKZFX (Program for Adjusting Field MARC-APOKZ With Integration Models)
  • Report RMATIDGE (Reads Material GUIDs from the APO System & Fills NDBSMATG16 w. Values)
  • Report RCFUPDCR (Reorganization of Superfluous CIF Update Counters)
  • Report RCIFIMDL (Deletion of Superfluous Filter Object Keys in CIF_IM* Tables)
  • Report RCIFMTDE (Program for Maintaining the Materials Deactivated in CIF)
  • Transaction CFP1

Report RCPTRAN4 (Evaluate and Send Change Recordings)

  • Report RCPDELET (Delete Change Transfer Integration Model for Specific APO System)
  • Report RCIFVARIANTCHANGE (Change Logical System in CIF Variants)
  • Report RCIFIMAX (Generate and reconcile the runtime version of active models)
  • Transaction CFM1

Report RIMODGEN (Create Integration Model)

  • Transaction CFM2

Report RIMODACT (Activate or Deactivate Integration Model)

  • Transaction CFM3

Report RIMODAC2 (Activate or Deactivate Integration Model (Possible In Background))

  • Transaction CFM4

Report RIMODOUT (Display Integration Models)

  • Transaction CFM5

Report RIMODSRH (Search for Filter Objects in Integration Models)

  • Transaction CFM7

Report RIMODDEL (Delete Integration Models)

  • Report RIMODINI (Start Initial Supply for Integration Models)
  • Report RDELBALS (Delete Entries from Search Index CIFBALSEL for Application Log)
  • Transaction CFGD

Report RDELALOG (Delete Application Log Entries)

  • Report RCFORDCH (Check for Inconsistencies in Table CIFORDMAP)
  • Transaction CFP3

Report RSPPMCHG (Sending Changes to Production Process Models)

  • Transaction CFP4

Report RSPPMDEL (PPM Change Pointer Selection and Deletion)

The previous versions of the reports (with the old interface) are still in the system. They have the following name: <REPORTNAME>_OLD. However, note that corrections will no longer be provided for these reports in the future.


SAP OSS Note 881934 – Usability improvements for reports in the CIF framework


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Error ABAP program “/SAPAPO/SAPLADVX” had to be terminated

The current ABAP program “/SAPAPO/SAPLADVX” had to be terminated because it has come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.

The following short dump is generated during execution of a macro background job/process chain or when
loading data in interactive planning for a planning book/data view containing macros:

Do not flag “Generate All Macro Books”

Alternatively you can also reactivate all macros for the affected planning book/data view in the macro builder

SAP OSS 1900146 – Error PERFORM_NOT_FOUND or /SAPAPO/SDP073 during macro execution

SAP APO Tables of GATP

Understanding SAP APO GATP Tables data

APO has unique identifier for material / plant(location)/ product allocation/ material& loc combination PEGID  known as GUID. GUID is is an acronym for ‘Globally Unique Identifier, GUID is also known as UUID A universally unique identifier (UUID) is a 128-bit number used to identify information in computer systems.


Important Tables

/SAPAPO/V_MATLOC – Input product (material) and location(plant) it will give you material and location guid.

/SAPAPO/PEGKEY Planning object (material/location/account assignment). Input material guid and location guid to get pegid of material &location. PEGID is useful to get information about ATP of a material.

/SAPAPO/POSMAPN Order Items Mapping Table.Input sales order / purchase order and line item to to get POSGUID or POSID. Pretty useful to to get information about allocation of a sales order , delivery status of a line item, BOP status of sales order line item.

/SAPAPO/OBREF : Object Reference Table. input POSID of a sales order / STO line item in the field POSFR and it will give you delivery POSID.

 /SAPAPO/SRVFCSL : CIF SL DOC Inbound Schedule Line Level.  Input sales order in DOC_NUMBER  and item number or POSID of delivery in the field ATPFIELD_POSGUID  to know the status of delivery is PGIed or not. If field if FLAG_REC_DELE = D then the delivery is PGIED and REQ_QTY is the PGIed qty.

/SAPAPO/SDQTVB: SD Order: Product Allocation Assignment.  Input POSID of sales order in the field POSID to know the allocation consumption ( field MENGE ) of a sales order item.