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For Now, Solar Tariffs Are Right On Time!

Pre-Tariffs Pricing + Tax Credit =😀

1) “GTM Research predicts that the price of solar panels will rise by 10 cents a watt on average in the first year of the tariff”. This takes us through early 2019.

2) “U.S. solar industry is expected to see a net reduction in installations of 11 percent this year”.

3) Local Bay Area Installers have already begun to raise Cost of going solar!

HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS…if you time your project just right, you can have it all – the full 30% tax credit and 0% tariffs.

On February 7th, 2018 is when the tariffs took effect. Installers were aware ahead of time that solar tariffs would be implemented. Some installers stockpiled short supply of lower costing supply of panels at a bulk rate. This was prior to enforcement of the Trump tariffs.

The month of March is historically, a great month for solar anyway.

Award Winning Solar Experts Price is Pre- Tariffs

One of the warehouses that planned ahead is a new favorite install group called ILUM SOLAR. Who? and Why? “far better than average level of experience per installer” and “5 star rating”. ILUM, is recognized as the Top Installer in Northern California & TOP Nationwide Installers by
SUN POWER, with world wide HQ is based right here, in San Jose, CA has currently locked down costs while seeking exemption from the tariffs. Just being factual with day to day most recent update here:
ENPHASE inverters, based in Petaluma, CA, is also seeking an exemption. Published February 28th, 2018:

March is always great. Let us make March, 2018 historically awesome! Let us love being alive in the greatest time of all time! Let us March Forward Together to care for future generations and immediate savings. It’s your choice and mine.

Solar saves money and planet. Thank You.

For detailed Q&A: BILL@GURGOLSOLAR.COM. Please mention for extra special offer. Bill Gurgol Solar In Dublin Blog posted 3/15/2018