BOP short dump due to large values in Product Allocation Planning Book

There are instances when companies use Product Allocation for sales order confirmation. If the Values of the Key figures in the Allocation Planning Book in any cell on Aggregate level exceeds more than 11 digits then during the BOP it goes into Dump. In order to check if there is a negative value in the key figure or the Value is larger than 11 digits, a very useful report is provide by SAP.

Execute T-Code : SE38

Enter Report /SAPAPO/TS_LCM_QUERY and execute

There will be three options only one can be selected at a time

  1. Fixed Values (this is to find out if the cell has fixed value)
  2. Negative Values (This is to find out if any cell has a negative Value) If this option is executed then it will display all the CVC’s and the Bucket where the Value is Negative, User can then go into the Allocation Book and Adjust the Values in the Cell.
  3. Value Greater Than X (Any Value can be entered here to see the Values in the Cell, Usually any value greater than 11 digits can be checked and can be corrected.


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